DFD Wellness Home

Mission: Create and provide resources and opportunities for members of the Denver Fire Department to improve and sustain wellness in order to enjoy a pro-longed, healthy, and happy career, and retirement.


Your DFD Wellness Team will be putting up workouts on the Crew Workouts page (under the “Workouts” Tab) starting January 31st. There will be one workout posted per A shift. This is designed to be done as a crew on shift (or on your own on your off day) and will include ways to scale UP or DOWN based on your fitness level.

Also coming soon: A Performance Evaluation Preparation Plan. This plan will include high intensity, muscular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility and low aerobic cardio exercises. This too will include a baseline plan and ways to scale up or down based on your fitness level. Don’t worry if you have to scale down, just get the work done.

Follow us on Instagram @dfdwellness for updates as well by clicking any of the images below

5440 Roslyn St.
Building F
Denver, CO 80216
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