Day 1 of the December Movement Challenge! Welcome everyone. We are so glad you’re here. Check in everyday for a workout idea or do your own. The goal is to move so feel free to stick to your current fitness plan. If you need help staying accountable, you’ll have something here everyday to motivate you. Grab an accountability buddy or two and let’s move our way into 2021!

Day 1: 12.01.20 – No Equipment Needed

Warm up with: 5 minutes of choice cardio (walk, run, bike, row, climb) then 3 rounds of: 5 inchworms, 10 lunges, 10 situps)

4 rounds of: (Run 400 meters, 25 unweighted lungesters)

Goal = under 20 minutes (ideally between 16 and 20 minutes)

1 lungester = reverse lunge R, reverse lunge L, squat

Need a bigger challenge? Grab a pair of dumbbells (20-25# for Women, 30-40# for Men)

Can’t run? Row 500 m OR 2 min of any of the following (jump rope, low step ups, mountain climbers, etc)

Tip of the day!

Drink more water – shoot for half your body weight (in pounds) in ounces a day. Drink a full 16 ounce glass the moment you wake up as part of your morning routine. It’s easier to stay hydrated when you begin the day hydrated. Get that water in!

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