How are those legs feeling today? Yikes! Mine are screaming at me. Stay with me people, I promise it will be worth it. Let’s give those legs a rest today and hit an upper body strength day. It is important to do a variety of different training modalities. Everyday doesn’t need to be a 100 lunges and squats kind of day. But those days are nice too šŸ™‚

Day 2: 12.02.20 Upper body strength day

Warm up: 3 rounds of : (20 jumping jacks, 10 light KB or DB swings, 5 wall angels)

# 1: 5 rounds of : (5 push press and 30 seconds of lat + pec stretch each side (work up to a heavy but doable weight by sets 4 & 5) – Use what you have! DBs, barbell, sandbag, etc)

# 2: 4 rounds of : (5-10 pull ups (strict or band assisted or inverted bar rows), 10 banded pull aparts, 30 seconds in child pose)

#3: 3 rounds of: (:30 sec front plank, :30 sec side plank right, :30 sec side plank left, 10 super mans, rest 1 min)

Health Tip: Have trouble falling asleep? Get headaches after staring at screens all day? Do your eyes feel strained at the end of the day? Consider investing in a pair of blue light blockers! Amazon sells stylish and inexpensive pairs. We are bombarded by blue light from screens, phones, lights, etc ALL DAY. Being exposed to an overabundance of blue light inhibits our body from producing melatonin which is needed to get our bodies to sleep. Easy solution, look smarter, and block those blue light rays. Try it!

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