It’s day 5 everyone and I hope you are all still moving out there. Carve out the time in your day, NO MATTER WHAT! Early morning, late afternoon, evening… it does not matter. Just move! Here’s your daily workout idea, but if you do planned and purposeful movement for 30 minutes today, count it. These workouts are your seed if you are like me and just need someone to tell you what to do. I’ve linked demos of the exercises as well.

Day 4: Lower Body Strength Day

Warm up:

#1: 5 x (5 box squats and assisted squat stretch) – do not just touch the box and go, sit all the way down, brace, then stand up. Work your way up to weight to something that is heavy but doable by rounds 4 and 5

#2: 4x (8 single-leg deadlift each side, 30 sec side plank each side, 30 seconds pigeon stretch each side)

#3: 3x (10 glute ham bridges, 10 single leg glute ham bridges each leg, 10 dead bugs, 10 bird dogs) – go slow, move with your breath, hold the bridges for at least 1-2 seconds at the top. Don’t rush through this, you get more out of it at slow and controlled pace.

Healthy tip: Want to increase your metabolism and burn more fat? Strength training workouts such as the one programmed for today are designed to build muscle strength and size and with more muscle mass, comes higher metabolism. This means your body burns more calories! In movement and at rest.

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