Day 6! Are you still moving? Tomorrow is an active recovery day, but before we get there let’s hit one more stamina workout to finish out the hard work in week 1 of December. Remember to move at a comfortable pace. You should be able to keep moving throughout the 20 minutes, not have to stop and catch your breath for more than a few breaths. No need to sprint, just move. The goal is to increase your aerobic capacity and your capacity to do long, sustainable efforts. Have fun!

Warm up: 3 rounds of (5 push ups, 10 squats, 15 setups)

Main deal: 20 min AMRAP moving at a comfortable pace of: (400 m run or 2.5 min of choice cardio, 15 poor man leg curls, 15 jump squats)

Healthy tip: Want to revamp your nutrition? Take 3 days and track your food consumption. Track it into a free app which will assess the amount of calories and the break down of macronutrients. You probably don’t even know how many calories you really are consuming. If weight loss is your goal, look into where you can cut at least 300 calories. Sugar is a sneaky source of much of our overconsumption so start with where you can cut out some sugar to start.

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