Day 8 everyone! Keep it up. You’re on your way to creating a new habit. All you need is 30 minutes today. That’s it, not a huge chunk of time. Do this on shift, do it in the morning before the kids get up, do it with the kids outside, whatever! Get moving!

Warm up: 3 rounds of (1 min low step ups, 10 squats, 5 squat jumps, 5 push ups)

Main deal: 12 min AMRAP (as many rounds and reps as possible) of: (3 pull ups, 6 DB devil presses, 9 DB cleans, 12 step ups)

If you are unable to do pull ups, do inverted bar rows, DB rows, TRX rows. 1 devil press is a push up on the DBs, jump feet to DBs, and either clean and press the DBs overhead OR snatch the dumbbells over head and replace DBs to the floor and jump back to push up positions. Think, burpee with DBs. You’re welcome. Cleans go from shins to shoulders. and for step ups hold only one DB at your chest OR just step up without weight. Shoot for a 20″ box but feel free to go lower if need be. Meet yourself where you are at. The goal is to move, not impress anyone.

Foam roll for 5-10 min afterwards

Health tip: Eat more vegetables! Your mom was right, vegetables are good for you. They are chocked full of vitamins and minerals that come in a form that our body easy absorbs. Want to make them taste delicious? Roast them in the oven. Coat your favorite veggies in a little olive oil, sprinkle on some seasonings of your choice and roast at 425 degrees until you get that nice caramelized toast to them (approximately 20-30 min).

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