Day 10 and were entering the double digits of consecutive days of exercise. Today is another stamina day. Stamina work is important to increasing aerobic capacity. This is your capacity to do work for long periods of time. Keep your heart rate at a manageable level. If you’ve ever gotten your lactate threshold test done, you want to stay under your anaerobic threshold heart rate zone. If not, then move at a manageable pace. One where you can keep continuous motion.

Warm up: 3 rounds of: (5 scorpions, 5 down dog to up dog with 3-5 seconds hold at each position and 10 lateral lunges)

Main deal: 20 minutes of: (3 minutes on the stair climber, 10 DB curl to press, 10 single arm DB deadlifts each side, 10 supermans)

No equipment? Go climb stairs. Do 10 squats, 5 jump squats and 10 push ups every 10 flights. Find an external stairwell on a building in your first in area (if on shift) and climb stairs there. Otherwise, you can run instead of climb. Or walk with a weight vest. Be creative here!

Health tip: Have kids? Include them in your workout. Carry the baby, push the kids in the stroller, go to a park and let them play as you workout, invite your teenager to join in on the workout. Make this a family affair. Kids pay close attention. Be an example for them.

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