Stamina day! The goal of these days is to work towards doing sustainable work. I don’t prescribe weights because I want you to pick something light and manageable. You can always adjust during the work out. But don’t go too heavy and poop out. Save that for the high intensity days.

Warm up with 5 min of choice cardio and 2 rounds of: (25 jumping jacks, 5 scorpions, 50 ft of bear crawl)

Main deal: For 20 min: (500 m row, 5 star jumps, 15 v-ups, 20 mountain climbers)

That’s right, no equipment needed. Other than a rower. No rower? Run 400 m. Or bike for 2-2.5 min. Or do low step ups for 2-2.5 min. Or jump rope for 2-2.5 min. No equipment doesn’t mean you get a free pass not to work. Be creative and move.

Health tip: Exercise has been proven to be a magic drug. It lowers blood pressure, body fat, cholesterol, improves your mood and improves your immune system (just to name a few). If you were looking for the magic pill in life, exercise is as close as it gets.

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