Today’s stamina work out is very simple. Workouts do not need to be complicated to be effective. Sure, variety is the spice of life (or workouts in this case), but consistency and simplicity are the macronutrients to a well rounded, effective routine. Enjoy 🙂

Main deal: 5 min run, 1 min walk — repeat 5 times. Not a runner? No big deal. Walk uphill for 5 min, flat for 1 min. Or choose your favorite mode of cardio. Go at a moderate pace for 5 min, rest or go slow for 1 min. I’m thinking 65-75%HRmax depending on your fitness level. This is below lactate threshold to just above.

Health tip: Let’s reiterate consistency one more time. To see significant change, you’ve got to be consistent. Just doing a few workouts here and there or doing a 30 day temporary diet is not the way to see long term, long lasting health benefits. Whatever path you chose for health, be consistent and the details won’t matter. That’s “the magic pill.”

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