Today is a strength day. Today is a full body strength day. Pick weights that are hard but doable. Not going to failure on anything.

Warm up: 3 rounds: (5 push ups, 10 squats, 15 lunges)

Main Deal:

#1: 4 rounds of (6 each side DB bulgarian split squats, 8 KB goblet squats, 10 KB swings, 30 sec to 1 min of choice lower body stretch)

#2: 4 rounds of (3 pull ups **weighted if need be**, 6 DB strict presses, 9 banded pull aparts, 30 sec to 1 min of choice upper body stretch)

#3: 3 rounds of: (10 dead bugs, 10 bird dogs, 10 glute bridges with a 3 second hold)

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