Warm up: 4 rounds of : (5 inchworms, 10 scorpions, 15 air squats)

Main deal:

4 rounds of:

16 DB Deadlifts

16 pull ups/inverted bar rows/TRX rows/Ring rows

400 m run

1 min rest

This workout is designed to get your heart rate up for 3-4 minutes and then give you rest to recover for the next round. Do not skip the rest! You’re not doing it right if you do. Often on our job we are asked to work hard for a short period of time, then recover before the next push. This workout is designed around that concept. Go hard when you work and rest when you rest. Goal: 3-4 minute rounds.

Suggested weight: Men = 30-45# DBs, Women: 20-35# DBs

Customizations: If no pull up bar or way to do hanging rows, do DB bent over rows instead. Don’t want to run? Row 500 m or bike for 22-25 cals or do some sort of cardio for 2 minutes.

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