Warm up: 3 x (10 lateral lunges, 20 jumping jacks, 10 boot strappers, 20 sec plank)

Main deal:

2 times through of:

2 min of rowing (or 500 m row)

:30 rest

2 min of : (5 star jumps, 10 reverse lunges, 20 sit ups)

:30 rest

2 min of : (5 push ups, 10 cookie cutters, 20 glute bridges)

:30 rest

2 min of : (5 up/downs, 10 step ups, 20 toe taps)

:30 rest

This is a series of 4 two min AMRAPs for 2 rounds (8 two min AMRAPs total)

If you do this as a crew, have the rowing station be the “pace setter.” Meaning, switch stations (2 min AMRAPs when the rower is done)

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