Warm up: 5 min of Choice Cardio (step mill, running, elliptical, bike, jump roping…. or mix)


3 rounds of: (5 push ups, 10 squats, 10 lateral lunges, :30 childs pose)

Main deal:

4 rounds of:

Run 200 m

10 V-ups

15 DB Deadlifts (suggested weights: Men = 40-50# DBs, Women = 25-35# DBs)

Run 200 m

Rest 1 min between rounds (go hard for one round, then rest. Don’t skip the rest!)

Subs?: Running = rowing (250 m), biking for 1 min or 11-15 cals, jump rope for 1 min…

V-ups= hang from a bar and do knees to elbows or toes to bar (these make the workout harder)

Deadlifts= use whatever weight you have around, sandbag, barbell, milk jugs…. be creative

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