Today we celebrated the life of Lt. Rich Pula, our beloved brother who was taken by cancer far too soon. The memorial was today and I cannot help but think about Rich all day. Lt Pula was one of my training Lieutenants during my 2014 academy. He did each and every high rise training session with us and and yelled and encouraged us through each one. One particular day, I was on the bus of struggle and he stopped yelling, waited for me at the bottom of one of our tower laps and went behind me and said, “I don’t care how slow you go, just keep moving. You have to learn to pace yourself.” From that moment on, I think of him whenever I do my own high rise training days. Let’s honor Lt. Pula today and get some stair work in. Nothing fast, nothing crazy. Wear your gear or grab a sandbag or just climb in your PT clothes. He’s not judging (or maybe he is… :))

Today’s workout is simple….

20-30 minutes of stair climbing.

Think of a good Pula story OR just reflect on the reasons why you joined the fire service. Honor our fallen brother today and everyday you go out and have the opportunity to climb stairs.

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