Hey everyone! DFD Wellness took a little spring break. Had to regroup and refresh to come back with some great material for you all. We are back posting every A shift so check back every shift for a new workout. Do it as a crew or do it alone. Whatever your style is. Enjoy!

Warm up: 2 x (20 single jump ropes, 20 jumping jacks, 10 OH PVC (or broom stick) squats, 20 opposite shoulder taps in plank position, 5 push ups)

Main deal:

60 1-arm alternating DB snatches (Men: 30-45# DB, Women: 15-30# DB)

800 meter run (OR 1000 m row OR 45 cals on the aerodyne bike)

30 DB clean and presses (jerk or push press) (Men: 30-45# DBs, Women: 15-30# DBs)

Just 1 time through! Goal: 10-15 min

Then cool down with 10-15 min of low and slow cardio to flush out that burn.

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