Warm up with 5 min of choice cardio plus 3 rounds : (20 high knees, 20 butt kicks, 5 inch worms with push up)

Strength: Pull-up strength!

5 rounds of: ( 10 ring/TRX/inverted bar rows – feet elevated if need a challenge AND 10 banded straight arm lat pull downs)

rest as needed between sets and rounds

Main deal: endurance work!

Choice of cardio (run outside, treadmill, bike, stairstepper, elliptical, whatever!)

5 rounds of : (4 minutes on and 4 min off)

Pick a pace that is sustainable, don’t sprint the first 4 minutes and then suffer through the rest. You should work above a conversational pace (should only be able to get in 1-3 words in between breaths)

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