Shift workouts are back! We will be posting a new workout every A shift, so check back every 3rd day for something new!

Warm up:

3 rounds of:

:30 sec of choice cardio (run, jump rope, jumping jacks, DB skip overs, bike, etc)

10 bird dogs (each side)

20 shoulder taps in push up positions

5 inch worms

Main deal:

40 sec on/20 sec of rest – 3 rounds of:

KB/DB swings

mountain climbers

DB side bends (:20 sec each side)

lateral step ups (:20 sec each side)

goblet squats


Bike/Run/Jump Rope

DB bent over rows

Perform each activity for :40 sec, rest and move to the next station in :20 sec and start the next exercise at the top of the minute. Repeat this circuit 3 times (total of 24 minutes total)

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