Strength day! Today we will do both upper and lower body. Pick weights that are hard, but doable. No need to go to failure. Just get under some weight and strengthen those muscles.

Warm up: 3 rounds of: (5 push ups, 10 wall angels, 15 squats, 20 lunges) — Round 1: forward lunges, Round 2: lateral lunges, Round 3: reverse lunges

Main deal: #1: 1 set of 20 back squats. Shoot for about 50-60% of 1RM if you know it. If not, go light. Breathe with each rep. Inhale, descend down to the bottom of your squat, then exhale as you push to standing. Keep cadence with your breath.

#2: 4 rounds of: (5-10 pull ups or inverted rows, 15 banded pull apart and 10 lunging pallof presses each side)

#3: 3 rounds of: (:30 front plank with right foot hovering off the ground, 10 super mans, :30 sec plank with left foot hovering off the ground, 10 v-ups)

BONUS!: Do a second set of 20 back squat reps. Choose the same weight, OR go 5# heavier, depending on how the first round went. Do this second set at the END of this workout.

Health tip: Maintaining core strength is an important way to avoid back injuries. We often think of our “core” as our “abs” but our core is made up of all the muscles from arm pits to hips, 360 degrees around the body. Don’t neglect the rest of your core.

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