Stamina day! Going to do it a little different today. Today’s workout will be a EMOM (every minute on the minute) for 20 min. Do one round every minute. After you complete and round, rest the remainder of the minute. Enjoy 🙂

Choice 5-10 minute warm up. Pick one from a prior day or do your own!

Main deal:

20 min EMOM:

5 push ups, 10 air squats, 5 box jumps (or step ups, if the knees won’t allow jumps – if you do step ups, you may need to reduce the squats to 6-8)

Complete one round at the beginning of every minute. Rest the remainder of the minute and then start again. This should be 20 rounds total. If you are getting less than 10 seconds rest or cannot complete the work within the minute, drop the box jumps down to 4. If you’re still not making it, drop down the squats to 8. Modify to your ability. No shame, just move!

Health tip: Tracking resting heart rate is a powerful tool to monitor your health and stress levels. Take your heart rate first thing in the morning every morning and track it. It should stay fairly consistent (within 5 bpm). If it starts to drift up, try and get more rest because your body may be getting sick or worn down. Hydrate first thing the am and do an active recovery day instead. Yoga is a great way to get your movement in without stressing the body.

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