Crew Workouts

A new workout will be posted every A shift. Each workout is designed to be completed as a crew, on shift but can also be done off shift as well. These workouts will help build work capacity, muscular strength and endurance as well as stamina. All aspects that are important on the fire ground. Customization options will always be provided as well. The goal is to complete the workout in the most beneficial way to the member. Email all questions, comments or concerns to Tech Jackie Fehr. Get after it!


Warm up: 5 min of Choice Cardio (step mill, running, elliptical, bike, jump roping…. or mix) then 3 rounds of: (5 push ups, 10 squats, 10 lateral lunges, :30 childs pose) Main deal: 4 rounds of: Run 200 m 10 V-ups 15 DB Deadlifts (suggested weights: Men = 40-50# DBs, Women = 25-35# DBs) Run … Continue reading 02.27.21


Warm up: 5 min of choice cardio…. followed by……3 rounds of (10 arm circles (Rd1: forward, Rd2: backward, Rd3: Arm hugs), 10 glute bridges, 10 fire hydrants, :20 childs pose) Main deal: 3 rounds (:40 work/:20 rest): Mountain climbers Squats (unweighted, goblet, SB front squat, etc) TRX rows OR inverted bar rows Run/Bike/Ellipital Super man … Continue reading 02.24.21


Warm up: 3 x (10 lateral lunges, 20 jumping jacks, 10 boot strappers, 20 sec plank) Main deal: 2 times through of: 2 min of rowing (or 500 m row) :30 rest 2 min of : (5 star jumps, 10 reverse lunges, 20 sit ups) :30 rest 2 min of : (5 push ups, 10 … Continue reading 02.21.21

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