Crew Workouts

A new workout will be posted every A shift. Each workout is designed to be completed as a crew, on shift but can also be done off shift as well. These workouts will help build work capacity, muscular strength and endurance as well as stamina. All aspects that are important on the fire ground. Customization options will always be provided as well. The goal is to complete the workout in the most beneficial way to the member. Email all questions, comments or concerns to Tech Jackie Fehr. Get after it!


EMOM x 25 Min (5 Rounds) Work for 40 Seconds of Each Minute Min 1: Side Plank Hip Drops, 20-sec Right/20-sec LeftMin 2: Single Leg Glute Bridges, 20-sec Right/20-sec LeftMin 3: Elbow PlankMin 4: Side Lying Leg Lifts, RightMin 5: Side Lying Leg Lifts, Left After this great workout for the hips and abs, do … Continue reading 04.19.21


Warm up with 5 min of choice cardio plus 3 rounds : (20 high knees, 20 butt kicks, 5 inch worms with push up) Strength: Pull-up strength! 5 rounds of: ( 10 ring/TRX/inverted bar rows – feet elevated if need a challenge AND 10 banded straight arm lat pull downs) rest as needed between sets … Continue reading 04.16.21


Crew workout! After a choice warm up (make it 5-10 minutes of cardio plus some dynamic stretches) try this circuit together. You can change the exercises if need be, or add exercises to make it longer. 40 sec of work / 20 sec of rest at each exercises – complete 3-4 rounds of all exercises: … Continue reading 04.13.21

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