Dec Move Challenge

December is typically a challenging month to stay focused on fitness and nutrition goals. The holidays generally bring an abundance of delicious food, copious amounts of alcohol, and a decrease in regular exercise with the colder winter temperatures. Inevitably, we feel guilty and set similar goals each January to be more active and to lose weight. 

Why wait until January? Let’s join together in a 31-day movement challenge over the entire month of December. On this site and our Instagram page (@dfdwellness), you will find a daily workout as well as a health and fitness tip. Daily workouts will include modifications to ensure all members can participate no matter your current fitness level. Each workout will encourage 30 minutes of activity, every day in the month of December. This is right around 2% of your day.

Movement comes in all forms and all types are important to overall health. As your new Wellness Coordinator, I encourage you to practice a wide range of movement modalities including high intensity interval training (HIIT), endurance training, strength training, low aerobic recovery and yoga. Please visit this site or our Instagram page (@dfdwellness) for details. The goal is to move everyday in some capacity and to hold ourselves and each other accountable going into 2021.


Let’s say GOODBYE to 2020 and HELLO to 2021 with one last kicker! Thank you for tuning in for some tips on how to move, how to stay healthy and how to stay motivated as this year comes to an end. Please email Tech Fehr with any comments, questions or concerns. I hope to bring … Continue reading 12.31.20


Only 2 more opportunites to move before 2021. Let’s say goodbye to this awkward year by giving our bodies the much needed movement it needs to be healthy and happy. Here’s a nice butt and gut strength workout. Enjoy 🙂 Warm up: 10 leg swings in front of body, 10 front and back leg swings, … Continue reading 12.30.20


Day 29: Another high intensity day. Get your heart rate up during this short 14 minutes. Did you know that when you get your heart rate up to a high intensity, not only do you burn fat during the workout, but also AFTER the work out. It’s called EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption). As your … Continue reading 12.29.20


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