Warm up: 5 min of choice cardio – low and slow then 2 x (15 air squats, 10 scorpions, 10 cat/cows, 5 push ups)

Main deal:

12 min AMRAP:


reverse crunch

bicycle crunch (L/R is 1 rep)

DB curl to shoulder press to tricep extension

spiderman burpees

This is LADDER workout, round 1: complete 1 rep of each exercise, round 2: complete 2 reps of each exercise, round 3: complete 3 reps of each exercise… continue until 12 minutes is up!

**When time expires, complete the round you are on!**


Squats (goblet with a weight or sandbag or any object around the house), Spiderman burpees (regular burpees, or use a bench so you don’t have to go all the way to the ground)

This one was created by Captain Quentin “Q” Schamber (T31 B shift), a member of our DFD Peer Fitness Trainer team. Contact Q if you’re looking for any help with an exercise program. He’s a wealth of information 🙂

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