Only 2 more opportunites to move before 2021. Let’s say goodbye to this awkward year by giving our bodies the much needed movement it needs to be healthy and happy. Here’s a nice butt and gut strength workout. Enjoy 🙂

Warm up: 10 leg swings in front of body, 10 front and back leg swings, 10 hurdles steps (hold wall) each direction, each leg

6 rounds not for time! do it right:

10 jumping squats, 7 goblet lunge to overhead press (right), 7 goblet lunge to overhead press (left), 10 slow negative DB stiff legged deadlift

Suggested weight (but listen to your body): 30-50# DBs for guys, 15-25# DBs for gals.

Goblet lunge: hold the weight at your chest, lunge back, then step through and press the DB or KB overhead with both arms


4 round of: (16 v-ups, :30 sec side plank right, :30 sec side plank left)

rest as needed between rounds but keep it to less than 1 min rest

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